School Profile


Bundarra Primary School is a medium sized primary school located at the south end of the Portland Township within close proximity to the Portland Secondary College, a special developmental school, a state primary school and two independent primary schools. The school was established in 1982 to provide for the increased enrolment associated with the establishment of the Portland Aluminium Smelter. The construction of the new permanent school buildings were opened on the 14th November 2003. The facilities are supported by extensive playing fields, playground equipment, and garden areas. Bundarra secured a grant through the Building Education Revolution allowing us to build a new gymnasium, which was opened in 2012 and is utilised by the school and town community regularly.






School Ethos / Motto

Motto: Learning Today… For Life Tomorrow

Purpose: Bundarra Primary School is focused on providing a rich, supportive and nurturing environment that enhances learning, personal growth and wellbeing for all students ; creates a collaborative and stimulating culture that supports continuous learning for all staff, and informs, involves and embraces our community.

Values : The following values are seen as being central to the life of our school and how all members of the school community should conduct themselves-.

  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Support

We attempt to apply these in our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs.

At Bundarra we truly understand the importance of building quality relationships between students, teachers, parents and the wider community. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and caring environment where Restorative Practices and our “You Can Do It” values program underpin and optimise the social, emotional and academic development of all of our students.


The current school enrolment is 206 students which includes 117 males and 89 females. Most students are drawn from the local neighbourhood and many ride bikes or walk to school. Some students do catch local town bus networks to get to school and we have a small proportion of children that catch country buses.


The school has 10 classes; consisting of two grade F/1 composites, one grade 1/2 composite, one grade 2/3 composite,  two grade 3/4 composites, and four grade 5/6 composite classes.  The school endeavours to keep a 21:1 staff to pupil ratio in the junior classrooms, to provide students with a high level of individual teacher support.

Staffing Profile

The current workforce includes the principal, leading teacher, school improvement leader, 15 teachers and 8 school support staff. Bundarra employs a fulltime Well Being / student support co-ordinator who works closely with students and families. Bundarra also has a PSD manager who works with our ES team to successfully support students with special needs through programs, transition and student support meetings.


Bundarra Primary School boasts highly supportive and engaging classroom environments, which focus strongly on effectively structured ‘Literacy and Numeracy’ lessons and explicit teaching which is personalised to meet the individual needs of every student. We recently received excellent results in our 2014 National testing for years 3 & 5 in Literacy & Numeracy and were in the 51 top schools in Victoria to make high gains in Reading. This was a great achievement that we were extremely proud of.

At Bundarra a comprehensive curriculum is provided which covers all areas of AUS VELS as set out by DET : English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Languages Other Than English, Humanities, Communication, Design Creativity & Technology, Civics and Citizenship, Interpersonal development and Personal learning.

Curriculum Initiatives include:

  • Development of Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum
  • Staff collaboration with developing Essential Learnings
  • Literacy coaching & modelling
  • Independent Reading structures
  • Fountas & Pinnell
  • TPL generated Spelling scope and sequence / philosophy
  • Writers Notebook
  • Andrea Hillbrick initiatives
  • Hatties Big 4
  • Whole School Buddy Reading
  • Developmental Curriculum (F/1)
  • Words Their Way Spelling Program
  • P-2 before school reading program
  • Science

Specialist programs offered by the school include languages other than English (LOTE) – Indonesian, the arts, physical education, science, information communication technology (ICT), Music & reading recovery. We have a large computer lab with 30 desktop computers, which assists in developing a high level of information technology skills. Each classroom has access to computers connected to a whole school network. We have a grade 5-6 netbook program where students have access to one to one technology, to support their learning. We implement intervention programs such as Reading Recovery, Lexia and Language Support Program structures within the school. The ‘You Can Do It’ program is implemented into school life from prep to year 6.






We allocate regular APT time where staff work collaboratively in teams to plan engaging and challenging lessons, and to ensure that we cater for each students learning at the point of need. We develop Individual Learning Plans to support students with their learning at an A, D and E. We have a professional staff that have been working towards developing a Professional Learning Community, they meet regularly through PLT meetings to analyse student data, discuss strategies and cater for individual student learning needs.

We have a consistent assessment schedule that has been constantly reviewed and revised. Assessment data is regularly entered through SPA by our Literacy Coach and staff use this to assist our whole school monitoring of student progress.

Bundarra Primary School is involved and is represented in a range of sporting competitions; Athletics and Cross Country carnivals, Winter Series Interschool Sport competitions, basketball and cricket clinics and carnivals. The school offers a range of lunchtime activities for students to be involved in such as an interactive art centre, library and gymnasium, to which are open for students at different times. We have a Sporting Schools Afterschool Care program that is offered two nights a week, which highlights the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whilst engaging students in physical activity.

The school has an annual whole school performance. With every student performing on stage, this concert provides a vehicle for teaching many valuable skills. We have started having these concerts in our gymnasium. We employ an Artist In Residence to work with our students for a week.


We have a small but productive Parents & Friends group. Parents work as volunteers to organise fund raising and social activities, join school council and are in the school regularly, helping in the classroom, with before school reading, the library, at sporting events and on excursions and camps.

We have implemented parental information nights, Parent / Teacher Interviews, a Skoolbag app, student diaries, showcased assemblies, 1,2,3 Parent Magic sessions and developed a parent information board.

Outstanding Features of Bundarra

  • Outstanding Early Years Language and Numeracy programs.
  • Highly supportive and engaging classroom environments,
  • Strong focus on effectively structured ‘Literacy and Numeracy’ lessons and explicit teaching
  • A curriculum that is personalised to meet the individual needs of every student.
  • Independent reading structures
  • Whole school buddy reading program
  • Individual learning plans to cater for all student’s needs.
  • Remediation programs such as Literacy Intervention, Lexia, language support structures
  • Huge gymnasium with a full sized basketball court
  • Active Afterschool Communities program
  • School Vegetable garden
  • P.E, Art, Music, Computers and Science specialist classes.
  • Student Leaders Program
  • Lunchtime activities: Art centre, Library, gymnasium and sporting activities
  • Centrally located within walking distance of the city centre, Fawthrop lagoon, Yarraman Park, Nelson Park.
  • Restorative Practices School
  • ‘You Can Do It’ social welfare program
  • Full time Program Support (Welfare) Officer
  • Developmental Curriculum Accredited School
  • Grade 5 & 6 Netbook Program with 1:1 technology
  • School Choir
  • Great camping policy e.g Foundation excursion, Gr 1-2 sleepover, grade 3-4 Camp & grade 5-6 camp
  • Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
  • Ipad technology
  • Cultural performances
  • Whole School Concert & Artist In Residence Program



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